We love working with Realtors. Let us be a resource on your team.
  • Have a buyer looking at a home that might want to make some changes? We'll meet you at the house and discuss the possibilities. We're good at on the spot design and understand structural elements as well as costs.
  • Sold a house and need to refer a builder? Of course we cooperate.
  • Looking for a contractor to partner with on a deal? Let's talk.
  • Have a listing that needs a refresh before putting it on the market? We can help.

Builders offer their potential customers a flyer showing the layout of a house.  Apartment complexes offer one also. Boat sellers and RV sellers do too. NOW, Realtors can too.

Realtors, Did you know that for as little as $100 down and $300 to $600 upon closing, you can have a flyer type architectural floor plan to help you sell your listings? (The price is based on the size of the house.)
I'll wait until you get your sales commission for the final payment. "What if the listing doesn't sell?" you don't owe me anything.
Think about it. In these times, people are shopping on line. Sure you can show pictures, but how much better would it be if they could see the layout of the house? For $100 down, you can stand out from the crowd!
Call anytime and let's get this set up for your listing.